9 Mar 2012

I am currently completing a collection of boxed art work for for Anthropologie and am very excited about the results so far.

As I am moving home,I haven't taken as much work on this year. In terms of shows,I have had two confirmed so far, one of them is Sieraad International Jewellery Show in Holland.

This will be the fourth year for me at Sieraad but this year,as a result of many clients requests, my husband Matt and I will be creating a collection together using his skills as a sculptor,we have been trying to realize this idea for some time,so are thrilled to have been given the opportunity.

In September,I have been invited to show my work in The Museum Of Art and Design in New York at a show called LOOT.My friends Gilly Langton and Jed Green showed there last year.
I hope to have links up soon.
I will have dates on these shows soon plus two others that have dates yet to be confirmed.

All in all it is turning out to be a busy year,and it's only march!