22 Aug 2011

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Origin 2011 22-28 September 2011

I am looking forward to doing the Origin Show once more this year where I will be showing my latest collection of necklaces,brooches & bracelets.
I've been working with new bolder shapes for the necklaces and using found metals from the seashore mixed with filed Victorian nails and pins from the Thames.I've contrasted beaten discs of copper next to hammered silver spirals too.
I've really enjoyed working with glass this summer from my large collection of weathered bottle fragments,big chunks of optic glass and tumbled sea glass.I have used an amazing range of shades from rich emerald greens and sepias, burnt umbers and chocolate browns, through to aqua marine and oil dipped rainbow silvers and whites.
I hope everyone can make it.


22-28 SEPTEMBER 2011

12 Jul 2011


Hi Everyone, just a quick update of some news oh and for those of you, like me who arent totally pc literate, I'm reliably informed that the blue lines under words means that the web pages will open in another window but if your like me and want to do it the old fashoined way, the links to the pages are at the bottom of the blog!.

The photographer Kelly Hill came to my studio a few weeks ago to photograph my hands whilst I worked, she also took pictures of Matt's hands as he carved a small piece of stone. Kelly has just signed up to the Craft Council 'Craft Matters' campaign.She is currently working on a photographic project involving the recording of crafts peoples hands. It's a rather poignant and beautiful idea. Have a look at her web site: www.kellyhill.co.uk

Treehugger, the main media news centre for green and sustainability issues, wrote a small piece about my work last year whilst I was exhibiting at Origins show 2010. Have a look at their website for information.

The Natural History On Line Store
Clare Kelly has written an update on Matt and I for her new blog spot on the Natural History On Line Store.It is a really great website with a good mix of diverse and interesting craft blogs

Some Photos Of My Work

Links to other pages

The fantastic artist Sue Kreitzman

Lauren Shanley's beautiful website

Check out Jillian's vintage jewellery on her website

Kelly Hill the photographer

The Craft Council Craft Matters

Treehugger, the media site for everything green and sustainable

Clare Kelly the journalist's blog site The Natural History On Line Store

7 Mar 2011


Matt and I were interviewed by the journalist Claire Kelly earlier in January
this year, the resulting article and photos of our work taken by Claire can be
seen in a new craft magazine called Making (Issue 6)

Just a word of advice for anyone wanting to go on to the Thames foreshore regularly, the license that I mentioned to Claire in the interview, comes with a map informing you where you are permitted to walk on the foreshore.
There are sites of archaeological interest and privately owned areas that you
are not allowed to venture onto. I think I might have confused Claire with my
over enthusiasm on the subject of mudlarking!

Apart from our interview, there are some great projects in the magazine for the creatively minded, with interesting articles on other craftspeople and jewellers.

Also do have a look at Claire's blog-passthepattern.tumblr.com ,a colourful and informative contemporary view of the craft scene.

26 Feb 2011

Current Work

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I havn't updated my site for a while, I've been very busy finishing orders and making a new collection that I am very excited about. I'm also applying for the Orgin Show, which will be held in September 2011 I hope that I get in!

To everyone that wants me to put photos of my work up, please be patient with me..I'm mastering the art of all this modern technology and I will get there..but I'd rather be making necklaces!

Future Events

Future Events
2011 May-July-Yorkshire Sculpture Park -Showcase
2011 June - Flow Gallery, London-Blue Show
2011 August Santa-Fe U.S.A.-Sofa Show
2011 Nov Flow Gallery, London-Wood Show
2011 Nov Sieraad International Jewellery Fair-Amsterdam
2011 Autumn Canary Wharf Windows Jewellery Display
2011 Dec -The Art Shop Abergavenny-Christmas Mixed Show
2011 Dec Artworkers Guild Bloomsbury London One Day Mixed Christmas Show

Here are the dates for future shows, for further information please email me on: amandacaines@hotmail.co.uk

10 Jan 2011

I am sorry that my blog has not yet been updated.

I have new shows comming up this year,and am still waiting on confirmation of dates for certain ones.At present I am making a collection of new work for my good friend and client of many years,the outsider artist Sue Kritzman,who never fails to inspire and challenge me in my work!

This year I bought a wall planner for the first time,and have scared myself with the amount of work I have to do for both my regular private clients,and for exhibitions,it is so much more daunting when I can see it all pencilled in.

Hopefully by the end of the month I will have dates up on the blog.

Happy and creative new year to all of you!