14 Feb 2013

Flow Gallery Text Show

I have just finished a range of jewellery that is a collaboration between my husband's skills and my own,for a show called Forming Words at the Flow Gallery. www.flowgallery.co.uk

Welsh Slate Necklace.

Thames Pottery Brooch With Welsh Poetry.

Hand Carved Wood And Copper Necklace,carved with places
from The Shipping Forecast.

Fabric bracelet with recycled silver engraved with names of wild flowers.

  1. Matt, my husband, has used his skills in lettering  and letter design to make sections of lettering that I have incorporated into stitch work bases and fused with different materials.We have attempted to compose an atmosphere of faded writing and old, worn, beautiful textures and colours and our necklaces include Welsh poetry  carved into old bobbin sections and recycled beaten silver.
  2. The Forming Words show will run until May 17th.