12 Jul 2011


Hi Everyone, just a quick update of some news oh and for those of you, like me who arent totally pc literate, I'm reliably informed that the blue lines under words means that the web pages will open in another window but if your like me and want to do it the old fashoined way, the links to the pages are at the bottom of the blog!.

The photographer Kelly Hill came to my studio a few weeks ago to photograph my hands whilst I worked, she also took pictures of Matt's hands as he carved a small piece of stone. Kelly has just signed up to the Craft Council 'Craft Matters' campaign.She is currently working on a photographic project involving the recording of crafts peoples hands. It's a rather poignant and beautiful idea. Have a look at her web site: www.kellyhill.co.uk

Treehugger, the main media news centre for green and sustainability issues, wrote a small piece about my work last year whilst I was exhibiting at Origins show 2010. Have a look at their website for information.

The Natural History On Line Store
Clare Kelly has written an update on Matt and I for her new blog spot on the Natural History On Line Store.It is a really great website with a good mix of diverse and interesting craft blogs

Some Photos Of My Work

Links to other pages

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Check out Jillian's vintage jewellery on her website

Kelly Hill the photographer

The Craft Council Craft Matters

Treehugger, the media site for everything green and sustainable

Clare Kelly the journalist's blog site The Natural History On Line Store