25 Sep 2010

I have just finished the third day of the Origin show and am exhausted but very excited,both by the incredible response to my work and new projects that are in the pipeline for next year!
I have some wonderful new clients,strong empowered women not afraid to express themselves,I have enjoyed talking with all of you (I guess you all know who you are!)I am looking forward to meeting you all again in the future.

16 Sep 2010

show news

A long day photographing my new work with the amazing Andra Nelki,so I will post images soon.
My husband Matt has carved three beautiful wooden pieces for me to display my jewellery on,
so slowly everything is coming together!

5 Sep 2010

Autumn Shows

Amanda will be participating in Sieraad International jewellery Art Show.
4-7 Nov 2010 at Westergasfabriek Amsterdam.For more information contact

2 Sep 2010

Origin: The London Craft Fair

Amanda will be showing her work at Origin: The London Craft Fair this month in Old Spitalfields Market, London E1. For more information, visit the Origin website.